A new product solution has been provided by AESC to Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways to help their pilots increase the efficiency of flying. We all know that iPad, cellphone holder device is not a new invention for regular everyday usage. It is used in cars to help the driver with better maneuverability. It is true in the aircraft as well. Pilot nowadays use iPad as a tool for EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to store flight information data instead of big bag containing heavy paper manual.  The question is where and how to install it in the cockpit that can maximize the usage convenience and still assure the compliance to aviation regulation.

Design engineering and production team of AESC found a solution by making an iPad holder basement that can be easily installed in the window frame without making any drilling into it.  The swivel joints help to adjust the iPad easily at different angles suited to each pilot preference.  Another plus point is the price. It is quite reasonable compared to other solutions of other suppliers in the world. The product is approved by CAAV and our customer airlines are happy with this solution.

To be a TRUE AVIATION PARTNER is always our way of action.