On 25th Jun, MIL-COM AESC Training Centre opened the first training course reserved exclusively for Lao Airlines. This remarkable event was a significant milestone in the development path of AESC. Among the participants were Mr Ta Minh Trong, CAAV’s Deputy Director of Flight Safety Standard Department, VAA (Vietnam Aviation Academy) officials and instructors, Lao Airlines Technical and HR Directors, AESC management and the most important attendants, the Lao students. The course lasts nearly 5 months. The students will not only gain knowledge, skill, discipline spirit through an aviation environment, they also have a chance to acquaint with Vietnamese culture and local friends. This certainly enhances the relationship between AESC and Lao Airlines for a long term cooperation





On 29th Jun 2012, AESC and MIL-COM Aerospace jointly organized a Cabin Crew Training Presentation. The event is to show the Cabin Crew Training Service of MIL-COM for all the local and regional air operators. The attendants included the high ranking officials from Vietnam Airlines, Lao Airlines, VietJet Air, Air Mekong, Jetstar Pacific Airlines and some other training organization representatives. The audience highly appreciated the professional approach from MIL-COM and AESC to answer the needs of how to upgrade the in-flight service as one of critical criteria for the airlines image. The workshop also stressed the importance of the safety training as a critical benchmark. The MIL-COM presenters consisted of Mr Eugine Lim, MIL-COM President and well-known professional instructors.