From 24th to 29th Jul 2013, MILCOM –AESC Training Centre organized a ULD Training Course for technician from Yangon Airport Group - YAG (Myanmar) and Tan Son Nhat Airport Ground Services - TIAGS (Vietnam).


This course enables delegates to gain the necessary knowledge, confidence and experience in order to become competent in all aspects of Unit Loading Devices. Delegates will also gain experience in a range of areas such as:

  • Safety, Environment and Materials
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) and Documentation
  • Damage identification, classification and assessment
  • Pre and Post Inspection
  • Repair Techniques in accordance with CMM

The six days course consists of two days classroom based training and four days of practical training.

The Singaporean instructors and the students completed the course successfully. At the end of the course, AESC’s BOD held a small party to meet and talk with the students.