A new Ground Support Equipment (GSE) product has been successfully manufactured by the AESC technical team to cater to VietJet Air.

Featuring the WNC-1 model, this vehicle has been proven to be capable of carrying multiple items simultaneously, such as A330 wheels, tires, and nitrogen cylinders, promising convenience, agility, and labor savings.



Here's more information about the WNC-1 model:


External dimensions: 6470x2040x940 (mm)

The vehicle has 4 wheels (2 front steering wheels)

Equipped with a towing hitch and tow bar

The carrier can accommodate 2 main A330 wheels, 2 main A320/A321 wheels, or 2 A330 nose wheels and 1 jack

The tire carrier can be disassembled to create space for transporting engines



The vehicle is integrated to carry 2 low-pressure nitrogen cylinders with a lifting mechanism for ease of transportation, with the two nitrogen cylinders connected by 10m air hoses, including a hose winding system

Low-pressure gauge system with 350 PSI and valve system


Certified for technical compliance by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV)

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