On the morning of 27th Jan 2021, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi (USTH) and AESC initiated the first step of mutual cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on the aviation training. The MOU aims at strengthening the training methodology on both theory and aviation practice. 

USTH, a French – Vietnamese university represents a significant symbol of two government on education cooperation. Its Aviation Training Department receives strong support from Airbus and other entities, like Vietnam Airlines, VAECO, French National Civil Aviation College (ENAC) and French Aerospace Institue (IAS). 
AESC, an aviation engineering company, has gained reputation over 12 years of operation in MRO, Design and Manufacture, Training aviation businesses with approval from EASA/FAA/CAAV.  AESC also partners with a New Zealand partner to run a first flight school in Vietnam, the Aviation School of New Zealand to do pilot training in Chu Lai, Mid of Vietnam. 

Professor Etiene Saur, Principal Rector of USTH and Mr. Tran Hai Dang, General Director of AESC representing two parties signed the MOU. USTH and AESC believes that MOU shall be a significant momentum for an active action plan for the coming time.

Some pictures at Ceremony: