Pic: EASA Part 21G Certificate of AESC


AESC just received the Production Organization Approval (Part 21G) from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 18th June 2018 with the Certificate Number EASA.21G.0056. With this Approval, AESC is approved to have in its production non-structural cabin interior parts, providing minor repair service, in compliance with EASA standards, to its customers not only within Vietnam, but also in the region and over the world.


Years ago, airlines in Vietnam had a lot of difficulties in conducting repair service, replacing aircraft interior parts such as armrest, arm cap, aircraft seat fairings... which are always easily damaged or broken during flight operation. OEM parts with high price, long delivery time or obsolete parts have been the contributors to the difficulties. Having the aircraft operated with damaged or broken interior parts badly affect the quality service and the image of the airlines.

Pic: Some products make up the brand of AESC


Being aware of this fact, AESC started to provide a solution with products manufactured in Vietnam under the certification of Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) in 2010 with the Approval Certificate Number VN-001-DMO/CAAV. And with this very first step, AESC started to study and strive to go further to the regional and global level..



With the strategic vision towards global level, AESC started to put a lot of effort and investment in further studying, participating in seminars, workshops, training courses conducted in Vietnam and abroad, keeping in mind the orientation towards professionalism and the highest safety standards of EASA.  The Certification Process lasted for over 4 years with appreciated support from CAAV, the Program of Partners for International Business - Dutch Aviation Vietnam (DAV), Consultants from France.

Pic: The POA-DOA Training Course is conducted by DAV (Dutch Aviation Vietnam)

AESC is one of the very limited number of EASA POAs in the region. According to the list of EASA POAs on EASA website, the number of POAs in the Asia-Pacific region includes 8 from China, 4 from Japan, 4 from Singapore, 1 from Thailand and from now on, Vietnam is pinned in the EASA POA map with AESC as its only organization of the kind.  Engineers, staff workers from AESC’s Production Organization Unit deserve to have such achievement of proud for their continuous effort. This achievement also confirms the right choice and the vision of AESC to become the internationally recognized aviation service provider. AESC has marked a milestone in the development of Vietnam aviation supporting industry.

Pic: An elegant and professional office corner of AESC

Since its foundation in 2008, AESC, the only privately-owned company in Vietnam operating in the field of aviation engineering services, has always been taking the quality of its service as the key factor for the development, complying with the highest safety standards of the industry. This is quite a tough mission, but it would be the only way to a sustainable development of the Company. Following the EASA Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organization Certificate, FAA Part 145 Approved Repair Station Certificate, this Certificate of EASA Part 21G Production Organization Approval once again confirms the strategy of AESC in its development plan, the commitment of AESC’s Board to the development of Vietnam supporting industry in particular and Vietnam aviation in general.