Bamboo Airways just received from AESC the engine washer cart, Model EWC250. The product is designed and manufactured by AESC engineers and was granted with the technical conformity certificate by CAAV. Aircraft engine, the heart of the aircraft is subject to the hard operation condition where dust, dirt and adhesive residues might cause the inefficient operation. This washer cart helps the technician to perform the engine cleaning task in accordance with the requirement of the engine manufacturer, both for V2500 and CFM56 engine types.

Engine washer cart - EWC250

Engine washer cart integrates 2 washing modes: water and chemicals fluid with standard nozzles provided by the manufacturer. The cart is equipped with a tank of 250 liters, with water heating capability to a pre-set temperature. The water flow is adjusted at 20 liters /min with working pressure of 77 psi to 85 psi and the maximum pressure can reach 105 psi. The engine washer cart also has an electric motor for high pressure pump operation.

Another crucial factor is the cost. People love reliable and cost effective product. We are proud to create this product to our airlines and MRO customers, as always!