Dolly is a type of ground support equipment, used to transport specialized unit load devices (ULD). Dolly operates in the airport, using a tractor truck to pull single or group (including many dollies connected together). AESC has produced all kinds of dolly: dolly turntable swivel (dolly 5 feet, 7 feet), 10 feet dolly (flat or roller), 20 feet dolly, 40 feet. This product line is certified by CAAV. This article presents main features of dolly types that are operated at the airport.


Dolly 5 feet - DL5

Dolly turntable swivel (dolly 5 feet) feature transport unit load devices (ULD): 1 LD3 (1534 x 1562 mm), 1 LD1 (1534 x 1562 mm), 1 LD2 (1534 x 1194 mm) or equivalent. Dolly 5 feet with sack size (LxWxH) 1960x1780x508 mm, has capacity up to 2500kg. The dolly floor to place the container is the D76 rollers on the turntable swivel frame (each step 90 degrees) to orient in/out the ULD.


Flat dolly DLS - 10I

Flat dolly is a version of dolly 10 feet, to transport bulk goods. Weight of 6800 kg, floor size (LxWxH) 3300 x 2600 x 508 mm. The floor is slippery stainless steel, stainless steel or ordinary rough steel (according to customer requirements). Around the floor there are standard interlocking grating rails.


Roller dolly DLS - 10

Roller dolly, model DLS - 10 serves standard ULD transport: 1 ULD 10feet (2235 x 3175 mm), (2438 x 3175 mm) or 2 LD3 (1534 x 1562 mm), 1 LD5, LD11 (1534 x 3175 mm) or equivalent. 6800kg payload, floor size (L x R x H) 3300x2600x508 mm. The floor has 2 rows of rollers D 90 to move ULD and ULD latches, a walkway with roughened tole (anti-slip).

As the leading supplier of ground support equipment in Vietnam, AESC is credited by domestic and foreign airlines, cargo companies, ground handling operators with competitive price, good product service quality