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SOFEMA Aviation Services in cooperation with AESC deliver the following courses at AESC facilities in Hanoi Vietnam:

EASA Part 145 (2 days)
Date: 16th -17th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/еasa-part-145-training-2-days-hanoi-vietnam/
Price: 645 USD
EASA Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures – Intensive (2 days)
Date: 18th -19th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/logistics-stores-inspection-procedures-easa-intensive-2-days-hanoi-vietnam/ 
Price: 645 USD
Aviation Quality Assurance Best Practice Overview and Recurrent (1 day)
Date: 20th April 2018
Details: https://sassofia.com/course/aviation-quality-assurance-best-practice-overview-and-recurrent-1-day-hanoi-vietnam/
Price: 330 USD


AESC completed the final stage of installation of the Airbus 320 Cabin Mockup for Vietnam Airport Ground Services Company Limited (VIAGS) in June this year.


Cabin Mock up is an important equipment in aviation training, depending on the level of function and simulation, it can be used in safety training for cockpit and cabin crew, or it can be used in in-flight service training for cabin crew, or it can be used in deep cleaning training for the aircraft cleaning team.

In July 2017, Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) took delivery of its ATR 72 aircraft Wing and Tail Docking Platforms, designed and manufactured by AESC.





On 23/04/2016, Aerospace Engineering Services JSC signed a Representative Agreement with SOFEMA Aviation Services (SAS), a regulatory training and consulting organization of Bulgaria. One of the activities under the Agreement is the conducting of training courses on Legislations, Aviation Quality, Aviation Safety…on a regular basis at AESC facilities in Hanoi, Vietnam. The instructors are experts, who have many years of experience in commercial aviation, working in major EU international airlines…

In the early days of the new year of 2016, a batch of AESC‘s GSE products were delivered to Jetstar Pacific Airlines.

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