AESC and Hanoi University of Science and Technology, School of Transportation Engineering has a long history of cooperation in training field. This July, we proudly welcomed the 10th internship group with 15 students of the aeronautical and space engineering department which provides resource for the aviation industry.

During their first visit to the company on July 4th, the interns were introduced briefly to the company, received uniforms and participated in learning activities which provided vital knowledge about workplace safety. After that, basing on need matching, the interns were assigned to different departments, including Aircraft Component Maintenance Shop, Ground Support Equipment Shop, Aircraft Interior Part Manufacturing Shop, Training Departments… Under the guidance of experts, they not only learned theoretically but also stood a chance of being involved in practical works



At the end of the internship, our polytechnic interns were provided with knowledge and skills that play a role in their future mechanical career. Many amongst those who participated in AESC previous internship programs already returned to contribute to us as employees.

Mr. Son, the current Manager of the Ground support equipment department, expressed his thoughts:

“I am a former student of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, so every time I look at the younger generations of AESC interns, I can find myself in them.They might be young and still need time to improve, but their knowledge are quite profound. Seeing their efforts, I really want to create the best conditions for them to study and practice. Saying from my point of view, I am pretty sure AESC is a good environment if you love aviation industry and want to stick with the field for a long time.”